Hi-Fidelity appears on national TV ... again..

On July 11th 2012 a 'modified' version of Hi-Fidelity appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno – Yes, that's right…THE TONIGHT SHOW! Gregg Bernhard (bari), Martin Fredstrom (bass), Tom Moore (lead) and Ken Potter (tenor) spent 2 half days at NBC as part of a sketch that aired Wednesday July 11th. The bit was a Parody of the different singing competitions with celebrity judges (Duets, The Voice, The Sing off, etc.) As you know, we have been fortunate enough to have several late night TV performances under our belt. However, unlike our appearances with Carson Daly and George Lopez, The Tonight Show bit was a true "sketch", as opposed to doing monologue jokes with the host. Although much of the bit is good old-fashioned barbershop, there are a couple of twists that make it rather "adult". Remember, it is late night T.V. and it is a spoof!" (OK, legal disclaimer over.) It was a GREAT experience, and we hope you like it.

Link to: NBC The Tonight Show "Summer Replacements" Entire bit

A Review by XFinity

This was one of the most elaborate comedy bits we’ve seen in ages on Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show,” and we hope it was a sign that Jay and his team are kicking it up a notch in their bid to stay on top in the late-night wars.

It was a bit that aired Wednesday night called “Midsummer Replacement Shows,” and it involved spoofy spinoffs of established hits and genres.

The “shows” — four in all — required on-location shoots, specially built sets, and about a dozen actors and actresses, all told (including Food Network stars Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri, who appeared in one of the segments).

The elements that went into its production represent an unusually high investment for a Leno comedy bit, and whatever they spent on it, our opinion is that it was well worth it.

Among the shows Leno parodied: Showtime’s “Dexter” (which became “Texter”), Art Linkletter’s old show “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” and singing-competition shows such as “The Voice” and “Duets.”

The latter spoof, which spun off a new show called “Quartets” from “Duets,” was especially effective as a traditional barber shop quartet goes gangsta.

We loved this bit.


Hi-Fidelity Wins Pan Pacific!

Hi-Fidelity has just finished shaking all the sand out of our shorts, and are very excited to have brought the Pan Pacific Championship back to the FWD! For those of you not familiar with this event, you need to check it out! It's every 3 years, and they move it around the pacific rim - There are quartets and choruses from Japan, Australia New Zealand and the West coast of the U.S. (Even Alaska) - It was one fun convention, and getting to know our affiliate brothers was a blast!

Having it in Honolulu the week before the Sweet Adeline International contest was also great timing - Gregg and Craig both stayed the next week for the great SAI convention as well. (Gregg's wife is in the Championship Chorus "Harborlites")

Hi-Fidelity will be updating our website soon with pics and info from the Pan Pacific - As you may be aware, Dan Jordan (Lead The New Tradition, 1985 International Champions) has stepped in to the lead spot for Hi-Fidelity, and we were pleased with the results of our first "contest" with Dan.

Congrats to our pals Vintage Gold on their Pan Pacific win as Sr. Champions as well!


Hi-Fidelity Rocks A Cappella Stock!

Hi-Fidelity (2005 FWD Champs, 2006 Harmony Sweepstakes Champs) was thrilled to appear as special guest performers on the popular “A CappellaStock” show held in Ogden, Utah. Performing their amazing “Star Trek” set, Hi-Fi is only the 2nd barbershop quartet to appear on this prestigious show, acclaimed as the “biggest event of the year” by A Cappella fans throughout the west.

Host group “T Minus 5” did a great job putting this show together, lining up a wonderful amphitheater, spectacular lighting, and a sound system that literally shakes the city. “Hi-Fidelity” has never sounded so good! (Or LOUD!) Now In its fifth year, the event attracts fans from across the world and has proved to entertain and fascinate all in attendance. The organizer’s call it "a musical fascination that defies the limits of the human voice."

Hi-Fidelity said: “Not only was it awesome to be treated like rock stars by 4000 vocal harmony enthusiasts, but we got to share the stage with our heroes, the original members of Rockapella who appeared in their new group called XRP”


Hi-Fi on T.V!

The guys really landed a big one this time! In their latest media appearance, Hi-Fidelity was put to work taping an episode of "Last Call with Carson Daly"

Carson starts the show with a monologue, as do most late night talk-shows. On this night however, he explains that he has noticed that sometimes the jokes don't go over so well, and he has decided to bring out the "Last Call Barbershop Monologue Joke Explainers" affectionately nicknamed the L.C.B.M.J.E.'s to assist him. Out comes Hi-Fidelity dressed in their made-for-television traditional Barbershop look. Carson launches into a series of really bad celebrity put down jokes and the guys proceed to "explain" the punch lines in 4-part barbershop harmony. The bit started out hilarious, and just got more out of control as the jokes went on. The studio audience went nuts and even the house band was cheering! Writers and staff on the show commented that this was the funniest bit they had ever done, and mentioned the possibility of bringing Hi-Fi back as a recurring act! Carson was nice enough to mention the quartet by name several times, thanking them after the first break, and also at the end of the show!

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Hi-Fi "Sweeps" the Harmony Sweepstakes Nationals!

In the finest tradition of Metropolis and The Perfect Gentlemen, your FWD quartet champions Hi-Fidelity have brought home the trophy as the 2006 Harmony Sweepstakes National A Cappella Champions! Hi-Fi is only the third Barbershop quartet in the history of the contest to win it's highest honors! (All three quartets were from the FWD!)

Sponsored by our friends at Primarily A Cappella, the Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival has become the premier showcase for vocal harmony music in America. Over the last 22 years, the national competition has drawn hundreds of vocal groups from around the country, hosting regional competitions in eight cities. Each year the winning group from the regional festivals are invited to compete in front of celebrity judges and a sold out house of enthusiastic a cappella fans at the National Finals in San Francisco.

This year's competition was an amazing night of music featuring groups of four to seven members each performing vocal jazz, doo-wop, gospel and of course, barbershop! In what has become known as "the most exciting 12 minutes of a cappella music anywhere" each group brings their best show package to the stage with the hopes of thrilling the audience and impressing the judges.

Reprising their original "Addam's Family" routine turned out to be just the ticket to take top-honor's in this year's contest. Hi-Fi won the crowd and the judges with their big sound and hilarious characterization of the four Addam's family men (oh, sorry Thing), FIVE Addam's family men in their pursuit for love. When the votes were in, Hi-Fidelity had won both the Audience Favorite and the National Championship! A sweep!

Taking 2nd place honors this year was Regency, a superb Doo-wop group from Baltimore and vocal jazz quintet, Clockwork from the bay area placed 3rd. Also appearing this year was another fantastic Barbershop quartet named 'Round Midnight from the Mid-Atlantic District. They are the New York regional Harmony Sweepstakes champions, and were seen with the guys from Hi-Fi singing tags until 2:30 AM. No surprise there!

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Hi-Fidelity wins the Harmony Sweepstakes! LA Regional

The Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival is the premier American showcase for vocal harmony music. The annual national competition draws from hundreds of vocal groups from around the country with regional competitions in eight cities.

On April 1st, Hi- Fidelity competed in the L.A. regional competition and won both audience favorite and the championship. This win qualifies the guys for the National Finals in San Rafael, where they will perform in front of celebrity judges and a full house of enthusiastic a cappella fans!

Reprising their original "Addam's Family" routine turned out to be just the ticket to take top-honor's in this year's competition. Facing groups ranging from collegiate music major's to professional singers, Hi-Fi won the crowd and the judges with their smooth, in-tune singing and hilarious characterization of the 4 Addam's men, uh, sorry Thing…5 Addam's men in their pursuit for love.

Previous winners of the L.A. Regional completion include such famous barbershoppers as the Knudsen Bros., Metropolis and The Perfect Gentlemen.


Hi<Fidelity has returned victorious from the Far Western District Contest!

Friday night's performance set the tone for the weekend as the guys "brought it" with two new comedy songs. The first was yet another clever and complicated "key change" parody, of "Bright Was the Night". Man, can these guys do key changes! Then came the hysterical "Old Quartet of Mine" parody where the guys poke a little fun at just about everyone including their coaches, the judges, Metropolis and O.C. Times. This song received one of the two highest Presentation scores awarded all weekend! Both songs received standing ovations and the guys knew this was a magical performance. Martin commented, "It was like an out of body experience. The pitch blew and the music just started happening. The audience was going crazy and it just kept getting better!"

The audience was buzzing Saturday night as Hi<Fi was introduced and exploded through the center-curtain. The guys were clearly on fire and really lit things up as the audience started cheering when they sang the intro of their famous "Blackbird" parody. (Which received the other highest Presentation score of the contest!). Then came a new "Barbershop Contest" parody by arranger (and Baritone of FRED), Clay Hine. This song has the quartet singing about the trials of contest, wardrobe problems, make-up challenges and even includes a reference back to the Addam's Family package! This piece really sings well and got the longest standing ovation of the weekend. The quartet had obviously come prepared and done everything they needed to do.

There was electricity in the room as the contest administrator stepped to the microphone. The audience was silent as the anticipation built towards the announcement of the 1st place quartet. There had been some great performances throughout the weekend, and everyone knew it was going to be close. A few moments later, the he said those magical words;

"Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2005 Far Western District Quartet Champions are?..Hi<Fidelity!"

The audience roared and stood to their feet. A mob of bodies surged towards the center of the auditorium where Hi<Fi and their families had gathered to hear the news. They had finally done it. Hi<Fidelity has achieved their goal of becoming District Champs!

Watch for upcoming articles about Hi<Fidelity's championship year in the Westunes, as well as more newsflashes here at www.hifidelityquartet.com

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Harmony College West 2005

The Far Western District again sponsored the popular Harmony College West the weekend of August 26-28. This year’s event was held on the campus of Cal State University Hayward. For the second consecutive year, Hi<Fidelity was asked to serve as clinicians/coaches and appear on the Saturday night show. This year the guys were thrilled and honored to appear with 1977 International quartet champions, The Most Happy Fellows! The rest of the staff reads like a “who’s who “ in Barbershop and included Terry Aramian, Lloyd Steinkamp, Rob Campbell, Phil DeBar, Phil Ordaz, Russ Young, Jim McKee, Dave Tautkus, Bill Myers, Gary Steinkamp, Stan Sharpe and Dawn (DC) Castiglione.

There were 15 quartets this year plus a large number of students who signed up for other classes including “How to Coach a Quartet”, “Discovering Singing”,”Director of the Future, “Singing and Sight Reading”, “How to Be a Good Emcee” and “Song Writing and Arranging”. Hi<Fidelity's own Craig Ewing again taught the Vocal Production class along with Singing Judge (and the original Bass of Hi<Fidelity) Dr. Dave Tautkus. Martin, Tom and Gregg spent the weekend coaching quartets. Each guy spent about an hour and a half with 5 different quartets. Gregg observed that the overall quality of the quartets in attendance seems to be going up each year.

The Saturday night show consisted of a "parade of quartets" with each of the quartets in attendance performing one of their newly coached songs. Hi<Fidelity appeared immediately after the “parade” and gave their usual great performance, getting 3 standing ovations from the appreciative students and fellow-staff members.

In true Hi<Fidelity style, the guys poked a bit of fun from the stage. The first “victim” was HCW Dean (and Tenor of the 1964 International Quartet Champions, Sidewinders) Jerry Fairchild. Martin noticed he had taken up a cozy seat in the front row and interrupted “Blackbird” to revive last’s year’s famous jab at 4-Voices (2002 International Quartet Champions). “Look at him... sittin’ there” got one of the biggest laughs on the show! Then came “The Haps” turn when it Gregg asked them if they had any 8-Track tapes left!

After Hi<Fi’s shot, “The Most Happy Fellows” took the stage and put on a fantastic show, reminding us just what great champions they are and what it takes to really entertain an audience. Hi<Fi was lucky enough to grab a couple of photos with their new friends. (Click here for photos)

No Barbershop event is complete without an afterglow and Harmony College West is no exception. This year pizza was served in “the quad” where singing went on late (actually early) into Sunday morning.

Sunday morning again featured Hi<Fidelity in a special coaching session and study of the so-called “4th Wall” which was expertly led by long time Dallas Vocal Majority member and Presentation Judge, Connie Keil. The guys had an opportunity to demonstrate and be coached on several performing styles including, presentational, representational and soliloquy.

All in all, another successful and rewarding Harmony College West!


Hi-Fidelity Brings Home The Gold!

Another International Contest and Convention is here and the guys are back on the stage again. In addition to competing in the quartet contest, all 4 members of Hi<Fi were on stage with the now 6 time International champion Masters of Harmony and won the coveted GOLD as International Chorus Champions!

The quartet had an early draw again this year and were on stage at about 12:50 pm on Wednesday. The audience was relatively small but appreciative and the guys did a great job with their contest set which included "I'll Never Say 'Never Again', Again" and the "I Don't Know Why/I Don't Know Enough About You " medley.

Hi-Fidelity placed 33rd this year and their scores went up from last year's contest. The quality of singing and entertainment just keeps going up every year at "The Big Show" and it's a real honor just to make it there at all! The new quartet champions "Realtime" put on a singing clinic and walked away with the heavy medal in the quartet contest.

The guys would like to congratulate the rest of the FWD quartets for a great showing; Metropolis with a 3rd place Bronze Medal (Congratulations to Kelly Shepard on his first medel!), O.C. Times with a fantastic fifth place Bronze Medal, Stardust and Dazzle! Nice job everyone!

Now that International is done it's off to District. It's going to be quite a shootout between all the good quartets this year. Hi<Fi will be working on at least one new package, you won't want to miss it!


Hi<Fidelity Takes Runner up in the
2005 Contemporary A Cappella Society’s CARA awards !

We are proud to announce that Hi<Fidelity has taken runner up in the Contemporary A Cappella Society of America’s 2005 CARA awards in the category of Best Humor song for “Blackbird Parody”!

Hi<Fidelity would like to congratulate our friends from Michigan Jake on winning in the category of both Best Barbershop Album and Best Barbershop Song.

Visit the CASA web site to see all the winners.

See the news article on 02/02/05 for the Nomination announcement.


Headed for THE BIG SHOW! again.

The guys did it again and qualified for the 2005 Barbershop Harmony Society International Convention and Contest. This makes three time qualifying for international for the guys. Actually something like 30 times if you add up all the times each of them have qualified for International in this quartet and their previous quartets too.

Hi<Fi also won the SoCal West contest that was running concurrently during the weekend. This makes 4 consecutive division championships for them. Two for SoCal East and two for SoCal West. This is because the Far Western District moved their home chorus "The Masters Of Harmony" to SoCal West last year.

See you all in Salt Lake City. Get there early though because we are singing 8th. That's about 12pm on Wed.

Click here to check out all the scores.


Hi<Fidelity nominated for
2005 Contemporary A Cappella Society’s CARA award !

We are proud to announce that Hi<Fidelity has been nominated for the Contemporary A Cappella Society of America’s 2005 CARA award in the category of Best Humor song for their rendition of the amazing,
key-change-crazy “Blackbird Parody”!

The annual Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards recognizes the best A Cappella music released each year and are the only truly global A Cappella recording awards. Every year hundreds of albums are considered in this celebration of A Cappella music!

Released in the spring of 2004, Hi<Fidelity’s first CD, “ALMOST LIVE!” has quickly become popular for its outstanding vocals, musical variety and clever comedy. The nomination of the “Blackbird Parody” recognizes both the “signature song” of the quartet, and the brilliance of its arranger, Tom Gentry.

Hi<Fidelity would like to thank the Contemporary A Cappella Society, the CARA coordinators and the nominating committee for their hard work and recognition, as well as our families, friends and thousands of fans who have supported us over the years! We would also like to congratulate our friends from Michigan Jake and Revival for their nominations in best Barbershop Album and Best Barbershop Song categories!

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