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Platetfest August 4th 2012

.. in front of the SpaseX capsule ... with Bill Nye "The Science Guy" Gregg with Bill Nye A Star Trek fan for sure The ultimate Star Trek fan a Floor stand poster about Curiosity the Mars Science Labrotory Bill Nye Poster

Harmony Sweepstakes L.A. 3/ 3/2012

Jay Leno Show "Summer Replacements Bit" 7/11/2012
Singing a couple of songs before we judged the contest. It was a great night! Wishing "Down for the Count" best wishes at the Nationals late this year!     The Set built just for the Summer Replacements bit Our Names on the wall just outside our dressing room Tom's Gangster Rap outfit The "Milktoast Four" with "Pap-ta-pu$$"  

Detroit-Oakland Chapter Show 02/18/2012

Hi-Fidelity with Prestige…the 2011 Collegiate Quartet Champs Dan channels his inner-city bad-boy with some West Coast gang signs on Eminem's turf        

Hi-Fidelity as “Freud-Tones” – Jan 13 2011– Lopez Tonight Show

Gregg as Freud Playing Ping pong with the X-files and Californication The Freudtones backstage “On the lot at Warner Brothers –This is the porch where Buffalo Bills sang the “Lida Rose” in the Music Man!” “Martin playing Ping Pong with David Duchnovny” “Hi-Fidelity, AKA “Freud Tones” and David Duchnovny”    

Mansfield University Young Men's Choral Festival 10/23/09


International - 07/04/09


Go For The Gold Show - 06/13/09

Hi-Fidelity as The Kings  Elvis with Matt the Domino's Delivery Guy Stardust and the 4 Elvi Jeff Baker of Nightlife sings with Hi-Fi at the GFTG Afterglow Gold Elvis Circa 1957 Blue Elvis Circa 1972 Black Elvis Circa 1968 BFE Circa 1977
Stardust with Elvis Gregg with Audacity The Edge Stardust OC Times and the College Champs at AFWDC Show 6-13-09 Doug Maddox The Crush Masterpiece and Jeff Baker of Nightlife AFWDC President Nick Papdapolous directs the FWD Qualifiers oin Stage at the GTFG Show Elvis Pin Ball Machine at Round table Pizza Afterglow The King Lives and Pizza...yumm Elvis Pin Ball Machine Close Up

Pal Pac Show - 04/25/09

Hi-Fi and Judy Steinkamp Pal Pac 4-25-09 HiFi_and_Rainbow_Connection_4-25-09 HiFi_at_Pal_Pac_Glow_4-25-09 HiFi_Gets_Ts_from_Rossi's_Owner_Marshall_Bryer Craig_and_Marie_at_PalPac_Glow Martin_and_Tresa_Pal_Pac_Glow    

The Great Pacific - Harmony 2008 - Honolulu, HI - 10/30/08 - 11/02/08


A Cappellastock - Ogdon, UT - 08/23/08

'T-Minus 5' (Our Hosts) During the sponsor mixer Friday Night 'Tonic Sol Fa' during their afternoon mic test. 'XRP's mic test. The poster on our dressing room door. 'T-Minus 5's mic test Hi-Fi with XRP, the original 4 members of Rockapella H-Fi Star Trek performance at A Cappellastock H-Fi Star Trek performance at A Cappellastock

Pearson Park Benefit Show - Fulerton, CA - 08/16/08

Black Shirts Active Red Coats 1 Chatanooga Clap-Along Radio Doo Doo      

South Bay 61st Anniversary - Lane Victory 08/10/08

HiFi at South Bay 61st Anniversary on the Lane Victory 8-10-08 HiFi Busts a Tag at South Bay 61st Party 8-10-08 Gregg as Buzz Lightyear 8-10-08 HiFi USS Lane Victory Did Someone Say Port HiFi sings and goofs under the Vicent Thomas Biridge 8-10-08 HiFi on deck at the USS Lane Victory 8-10-08 HiFi Fan Nikki J 8-10-08 HiFi Command of the Ship 8-10-08

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