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Reno Show 07/12/08


Eureka Show 04/19/08

The Big Guy Woodworking School Chemistry Shaving Problem Students Work for sale Earthquake Our new friends Tom Says this is a big tree.  Duh

Fullerton Show 04/12/08

Dick Van Dyke 05/08/08

Buckeye Inv. 8/16/07

San Clemente Show 12/15/07

Geoffrey Awards Show 12/16/07

HiFi with Max Q at the Buckeye Invitational   A Christmas Enterprise crew Tresa and Martin Back Staget at the San Clemente Show   Back Stage at the Geoffery Awards Show    

International 04/04/07

NewMexichords Show 05/11/07

Medford OR Show 06/02/07
Another Solo for Craig SparX is the current 14 place International SAI quartet and also Gregg's Wife's twin sister is the tenor.  They are also part of our upcoming CD.      

San Luis Obispo Show 04/21/07

Jason, Gregg's son, at the afterglow Fascinatin' Rhythm Pacific Express Dane.  Sing with the champs. Dane.  Is that Yet another tenor solo Pete, What are you saying? Singing Tags

Oak Park High School Choir / Barbershop Mania Contest 04/19/07

Harmony Sweepstakes LA Regionals (Outgoing Champs performance) Photos by Chris Wahla 03/10/07
Greater Vancouver Gentlemen of Fortune Chapter Show 12/02/06 Carson Daly 11/24/06 Kenny

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