Hi-Fidelity is proud to announce the release of their 2nd CD entitled "Reach For The Stars"
A wonderful mix of comedy live cuts, energetic studio up tunes and soulful ballads, we're sure you'll love every minute of it. Order it on-line today!

(Click on the highlighted names to play a short clip.)

1.  Make 'em Laugh
2.  Bright Was The Night Parody
3.  Second Place Parody
4.  Fanny
5.  I Don't Know Medley
6.  Danny Boy
7.  Heart Of A Clown
8.  Unforgettable
9.  Enterprise/Sulu Medley
10.  Star Trek Dialog
11.  Star Trek Girls Medley
12.  Lost In The Stars
13.  Come Fly With Me/Fly Me To The Moon Medley
14.  Wish Upon A Star/Impossible Dream Medley
15.  Best Seat In The House
16.  Good-bye

CD Price $15 Plus s&h

Released in the spring of 2004, Hi-Fidelity’s first CD “ALMOST LIVE!” has quickly become popular for its outstanding vocals, musical variety and clever comedy. It features the famous “Blackbird Parody”, and is the 2005 Contemporary A Cappella Society’s CARA nominee for Best Humor song!

(Click on the highlighted names to play a short clip of the song.)

1.  I'll Never Say "Never Again," Again
2.  Sentimental Journey
3.  If You Had All The World And It's Gold
4.  I'm Beginning To Like It
5.  Turn Around
6.  Jazz Baby
7.  Take My Hand, Precious Lord
8.  Turn Your Radio On
9.  Blackbird (Parody)
10.  When I Look In Your Eyes
11.  They Go Wild / Why Do They Always Say "No" Medley
12.  If I Were You I'd Fall In Love With Me
13.  I'm Gonna Live 'Til I Die

CD Price $15 Plus s&h

MP3 Price $13 Plus s&h

    The members of Hi<Fidelity have been in other quartets over the years.
  Recordings from these quartets are available here for purchase.

Tom Moore sang Tenor in Countdown from Mar 1997 to Oct 2000.
They competed at District 4 times placing as high as 2nd .  
They competed at International 3 times placing as high as 25th.  


1.  South Rampart Street Parade
2.  Roses Of Picardy
3.  There Used To Be A Ballpark
4.  Jeepers Creepers
5.  Turn Around
6.  River Stay 'Way From My Door
7.  Mobile
8.  I'm Gonna Lock My Heart (And Throw Away The Key)
9.  Time After Time
10.  So Long Sally
11.  Sixteen Tons
12.  Old St. Louis
13.  18 Wheels On A Big Rig

CD Price $10 Plus s&h